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Focuses on the origin & insertion of muscles that attach to the bone (musculoskeletal) The pressure of a Sports massage is deeper than other massage techniques especially when treating problematic areas. Various techniques are utilised within this framework such as soft tissue release, neuromuscular techniques, connective tissue manipulation, resistance techniques, positional release & reciprocal inhibition. Emphasis is placed on relieving knots, trigger points, spasms, pain, headaches, dysfunctions, muscle imbalances, rehabilitation of sports injuries or aiding a quicker recovery period after operations. Stretching & strengthening of muscles & to improve range of motion. Post massage rehabilitation exercises are given if necessary.


Reflexes on the hands & feet mirror the image of all parts of the body & when these reflex points are stimulated by the practitioner, using their thumbs & fingers there is a direct link to all glands, organs & areas of the body. It is an art of fine tuning every part of the body through these reflexes to assist in stimulating your own natural body processes to bring about & maintain a perfect health balance or equilibrium. It relieves stress & tension and improves  blood & nerve supply. It may also assist in relieving foot problems or ailments such as Sciatica, plantar fasciitis, sinusitis etc. Although there are no guarantees , it makes for powerful fertility treatments & may assist the body to create the right chemical balances in the pregnancy process. These are normally alternated with massage sessions.& to date these treatments have been very successful.


It is the use of essential oils: Volatile essences of plants obtained primarily from distilling processes. These oils are then diluted with carrier oils such as sweet almond, olive etc. and centres on the inhalation & application of these formulas to improve overall health & eliminate stress creating relaxation. Swedish massage techniques are used in the massage applications. Aromatherapy oil formulas may also be ordered to suit your needs.


Japanese form of massage therapy quite similar to acupressure. Imbalances in the body are corrected by applying pressure with thumbs, fingers and palms to specific points along channels in the body known as meridians & works with a traditional understanding of Japanese medicine as well as Anatomy & Physiology. These points are effective in treating all systems within the body, this is combined with normal Swedish massage, stretching & mobilization


Basic principles of a sports massage incorporating the healing qualities of massaging with bamboo sticks. Eastern techniques,& pressure points are used in this technique. This massage is designed to energize you & iron out the knots & tension with bamboo sticks that vary in length and shape.


This technique is applied with minimal pressure, a very light pumping or circular friction. it encourages & assists the metabolic processes of the lymphatic system to eliminate waste & toxic residues. Good for cellulite treatments, water retention & incorporated in a post event sports massage to help release lactic acid build up and delayed onset of muscle tension.


Swedish  massage techniques, utilising warm volcanic stones alternated with cold green quartz stones to alleviate tightness & tension in the muscles.


This is a specialised treatment using warmed oil, aimed at the digestive system, it is an external detoxifier & focuses on massage techniques to assist with alleviation of bloating,heartburn,constipation, IBS & spastic colon. It promotes assistance with weight loss programmes. It includes applications of Volcanic rock mud on the abdomen to balance & draw toxins & alkalize the digestive system. reflexology on the digestive system is incorporated into this specialised treatment.


Steamed muslin bags filled with Thai herbs used in conjunction with warmed oil & Swedish massage techniques.It targets the muscles & main meridians in the body with pressure points. The main purpose is to alleviate pain & inflammation, it relaxes tendons, ligaments & soothes soreness. it is an unchanged treatment from Thailand since the 18th century, where it was administered to war weary soldiers returning home with bruises & muscle aches & pains.


The word Lomi-Lomi is used today to mean massage therapist. Restorative, early Polynesian massage which is now uniquely Hawaiian, uses long elongated  relatively deep massage  strokes & includes long flowing strokes across the entire body simultaneously. Extremely deeply relaxing and calming on the mind.

FERTILITY ( See reflexology above)

PREGNANCY (fertility see reflexology above)

Specifically designed for the unique needs & concerns of expecting Moms, brings great relief to fluid retention, circulatory problems, constipation, acid reflux, joint pains, loss of tone & back ache. Regular massage may also help to alleviate stretch marks, it supports nurturing & comfort, reducing stress levels in Mom & unborn child.


Workshops one on one for Moms to learn how to massage their babies to soothe growing muscles, it develops self awareness in baby and aids the development of motor skills, it encourages  faster muscle co-ordination, creates good spatial awareness & helps to release pent up traumas & stress patterns from the birthing procedure. Combined reflexology points are also taught to encourage baby’s natural healing processes of the body. Some points that are covered may assist in , coughs, colds, colic. teething pain, fevers & also  sleeping patterns..